Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illegal Justice?

Is illegal justice possible even if the government is against you? Well i recently watched a movie called the inside man and it talks about the perfect bank robbery. 4 people planned the perfect bank robbery that was flawless for them. Now everyone is thinking so you saw a good movie why are you posting this for the Arts, Politics, and Protest class? Well unless you watched it you wouldnt know. The chairman of the bank that was being robbed had a huge role in the Nazi destruction during the time of Hitler. So the owner of the bank became rich from the blood shed of many Jews. While people were in agony and being tortured he profitted from all this. Well the robbers some how figured all this information out and they served people justice by taking back the most valuable gems of the chairman. So this shows even bank robbers show a form of protest and serves justice while being a rebel to the governments eyes. Im not saying do something illegal but stand up to a point what you think is fair for you and to these people going against the government is no problem. Illegal Justice? Take from the rich and give to the poor?

Stencil Graffiti walking through a museum called the streets

New York City the walking artwork to many graffiti artist and stencilers. Have you ever wonder the reasons for many of these work? Why would people risk their freedom of getting arrested to do a little graffiti or stencil? Its because this is another way to get the message out there for others to know what they believe. A lot of times when I walk down the busy streets of New York City i look at all the graffiti paintings and the stencils and the reason why they did it. Some of them are pretty obvious like the one i posted, but others convey a serious message. The stencil I uploaded is against war and it says No war against Iraq this is a interesting stencil because the person seems to portray as a bandit and rebel type of role with a bandana but at the same time the person is against war. So the artist shows that even violent people can even be against war. Next time you walk down the streets and you see free art on the streets take a second to look at it and decode the meaning. Let our streets be a canvas and let the people be the artist...

No war

Drop sneakers not bombs was a project created by sneaker designers against war. They design sneakers with this specific type of name and limited it so people are aware and want to know whats the inside scoopabout this campaign. Many sneakers that were designed before were already released and it have been a success. This specific type of ad is very effective to me because I felt even people who design sneakers can become an activist against war and create a campaign against war. So all those people out there who collect sneakers and are into the fashion of shoes should really check out this campaign. DROP SNEAKERS NOT BOMBS

Barack Obama

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail
Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale
-Young Jeezy

As Young Jeezy said it our president is black, but does that have anything to do with his role as a president? So why did Obama really win? Was it that he was African American? or was he really the better candidate to us Americans than Mccain? Well one thing for sure history was made when he was elected president. He will be the first African American president. There are high expecations for president Obama and we all hope we can turn to him to solve the many problems we have this day. I feel Obama will create alot of change for our lifetime, and hopefully it will be for the good. Barack Obama we turn to you for this economic crisis please do not let us down!

Tuition Hike Protest in our very own Lagaurdia

Protest Protest Protest!
As I was walking out of class from the C-building, I walked right into a protest right outside of LaGuardia. Students, teachers, and staff gave support to the rally against the tuition hike. A lot of cheers and supporters chanted and screamed as they demand for no hike for next semesters tuition. I would have never thought our school would ever have something like this considering nothing ever really appens in LaGuardia. I feel this protest was successful in informing others and getting their voices out to people about the tuition hike. They planned it pretty well considering I saw many signs of the date and time posted all over the school. This type of direct action gave me many different viewpoints in how we students can create such a huge event to let all the other people know about what we are thinking. So stand up for what you believe in start a protest, create a scene, be loud, be creative, and most of all raise your voice !