Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illegal Justice?

Is illegal justice possible even if the government is against you? Well i recently watched a movie called the inside man and it talks about the perfect bank robbery. 4 people planned the perfect bank robbery that was flawless for them. Now everyone is thinking so you saw a good movie why are you posting this for the Arts, Politics, and Protest class? Well unless you watched it you wouldnt know. The chairman of the bank that was being robbed had a huge role in the Nazi destruction during the time of Hitler. So the owner of the bank became rich from the blood shed of many Jews. While people were in agony and being tortured he profitted from all this. Well the robbers some how figured all this information out and they served people justice by taking back the most valuable gems of the chairman. So this shows even bank robbers show a form of protest and serves justice while being a rebel to the governments eyes. Im not saying do something illegal but stand up to a point what you think is fair for you and to these people going against the government is no problem. Illegal Justice? Take from the rich and give to the poor?

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