Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuition Hike Protest in our very own Lagaurdia

Protest Protest Protest!
As I was walking out of class from the C-building, I walked right into a protest right outside of LaGuardia. Students, teachers, and staff gave support to the rally against the tuition hike. A lot of cheers and supporters chanted and screamed as they demand for no hike for next semesters tuition. I would have never thought our school would ever have something like this considering nothing ever really appens in LaGuardia. I feel this protest was successful in informing others and getting their voices out to people about the tuition hike. They planned it pretty well considering I saw many signs of the date and time posted all over the school. This type of direct action gave me many different viewpoints in how we students can create such a huge event to let all the other people know about what we are thinking. So stand up for what you believe in start a protest, create a scene, be loud, be creative, and most of all raise your voice !

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marisa said...

Great that you chose to include this!